One of our favorite performances ever.


That was beautiful!


Hands down the highlight of my SXSW.


So can we just move in?


The coolest crew, the best gear. Vibes for days.


Refreshing, honest, real and super fun!


Man the videos look incredible.


I've still got goosebumps.


That was so much fun!


What is this?

Our blackbox studio near the Continental Club in Austin is a pretty amazing little space where you'll play a few songs for around twenty lucky fans who've RSVPd to your social media alert. Our friendly crew will keep you well-fed and drinked, and your green room is an entire house where you can freshen up from the road, connect to Google Fiber, spin some vinyl on the Marantz, and get inspired on the Steinway. Best of all, you'll take home some beautiful videos that will live exclusively on your own YouTube and social platforms.

Over the last few years (pandemic excluded) we've hosted artists big and small - from Pale Waves, k.Flay, Arkells, Frank Turner, Suzanne Vega, Band of Skulls and X Ambassadors, to 2020 Grammy nominees Larkin Poe and Bones UK. Artists describe it as a major highlight of their tour, and fans tell us it's one of the most incredible music experiences of their life.

We've curated a beautiful collection of backline and instruments, so you and your crew can pretty much just walk in and get going. We cover all the costs, and you're welcome to bring your merch. Have a look around at some videos and photos and scroll below for details.


Wurlitzer spinet,Fender Rhodes suitcase
Prophet 6, Roland Jupiter 4
Yamaha CP70 electric baby grand
Hammond B3 + Leslie 122
Wurlitzer Baby Butterfly Piano
Steinway Baby Grand (green room)


1974 Tele Deluxe, 1968 Tele Standard
Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass
Gibson 355 (Chris Cornell Model)
1965 Gibson J50 acoustic w/ pickup
Reverend Baritone, Eastsider, Spacehawk


Naylor Super Club 38 (1x12)
VOX AC30, Marshall JMP Combo (2x12)
MarkBass 1x12 with Avalon U5
1954 Fender Princeton (original!)


A&F DrumCo Black Maple Club Kit (12/14/22)
A&F 4x14 Raw Brass Snare
Zildjian and Instanbul Cymbals

Who's in the audience?

Your fans and social followers have priority access. To make sure you play to a full house, we'll reach out to a curated segment of our Clubhouse fanbase a week ahead of time and start compiling a standby list. 48 hours before your taping, you'll announce it on your social channels, where your fans will get instructions on how to submit an RSVP form. If you're new to the market and there are spots left after your post runs its course, we'll fill the available spots with people from the standby list.

How much time will it take?

Sets are typically 4-5 songs. We'll capture close-ups on at least two of these during soundcheck, and synch them up with the performance footage in post-production. We like to have 2-3 hours arrival to wheels up, but if time is tight we can usually adapt to fit within your time constraints.

Do I have to be interviewed?

The interview brings a rich dimension that connects with your fans differently than the performance videos. You'll sit down with series creator David Rice, who'll ask thoughtful questions that may even spark some insights and stories you haven't shared before. If you're short on time, we'll make it quick.

Am I expected to meet and greet with fans?

It's totally up to you.

What's the catch?

Clubhouse is a passion project underwritten by our core business at Flow Studios. The idea is simply to create a magical experience for artists and fans, and share the moment through stellar audio and videos. Our artist-friendly appearance release provides for an equitable arrangement in the event there's ever an opportunity to monetize the work.