BONES UK | MAR 15, 2018

The week before SXSW I got an email from a publicist pitching a handful of bands: The Chamanas, Violetta Zironi, and Bones UK. Judah and I were driving up MOPAC and he fired up a playlist from Spotify. The Chamanas and Violetta made sense, so we locked those in. Honestly, though, we couldn't really wrap our heads around Bones UK; I don't recall the song, but it just didn't seem like they would work in the space.

Well, Violetta had to pull out, and sure enough Bones UK was still available for the spot. 

It was the greatest cancelation we've ever had. I'm not sure anyone in the audience had even heard the band or knew much about them, but we found out pretty quick. Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience: there were actual gasps of shock from the crowd as the band hammered through a stunning arena-sized performance that still today jumps out of the screen.